About Me

Welcome to my blog!  I’m Emily, the writer behind these posts!

I decided to start blogging because I wanted an outlet for all of my thoughts.  Talking seems to be one of my “hobbies” and I’m sure that will be conveyed through many of my posts.  I hope that this blog will give my readers their daily dose of happy and sincerity.  My intention is to encourage and inspire.  I plan to write about almost everything here, including a new recipe I tried out, DIY projects, my life changes, my past, my future, and my hopes and dreams.

I’m from Georgia and I attend Presbyterian College in Clinton, South Carolina!  You can read about my experience so far here!  In my free time, I enjoy all things social, but also spend lots of quality time with Netflix.  In high school, a majority of my time was occupied in theater (or in our case, a gym that transformed into an auditorium for two weeks out of the year) and I tried out a few sports like track and cheerleading.

My senior year, we performed Thoroughly Modern Millie and Shrek! (Photos above)

At my school, I am a member of the sorority Alpha Delta Pi.  I plan to major in Psychology and minor in both Spanish and English.  After graduation, I want to go to graduate school to become a speech therapist.

I have a younger brother and younger sister, Ryan and Erin.  We’re all so close, so being off at college this year is tough!

I hope you enjoy my blog and that it gives you a true look into my perspective on life!  If you like positive vibes and variety, subscribe to my blog on the right.  You can also follow me on Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter!  Thanks for stopping by!