Q&A: How to Survive Freshman Year

Freshman year of college is probably one of the most confusing, yet exciting years of your life.  You learn so many things so quickly, but not just in the classroom.  You figure out that being independent and managing your time and money is harder than you think.  You’ll decide what types of people you want to spend time with, and they will become your best friends.  You will also realize just how great a home-cooked meal is.

I’m the oldest of my siblings, which means I was the first to go to college.  The summer before this year started, I had tons of questions.  So, I created a list of the biggest ones, and I asked my friends Abby, Callie and Rylie to answer the questions from their perspective as second semester freshmen!


What is your intended major?

Abby: “History and Secondary Education”

Callie: “Psychology”

Rylie: “Business”

In what ways do you manage your time? Do you find it effective?

Abby: “I take a lot less naps than I feel like I need to.  I try to stay on top of my work so I won’t have any late nights, but they still happen on occasion.  I always start with what’s due sooner first, because even if it’s harder, I won’t be cramming to get it done.  I’d say it’s effective- I have a pretty decent GPA and my teachers like me.”

Callie: “I make a to-do list every day and put it in the order that I need to do it.  When I get out of class around 3:00, I work on the list until dinner and then finish it up after.  It’s mostly effective, but the distractions of college, such as friends and Netflix, get in the way sometimes.”

Rylie: “It’s all based on golf.  If I have practice or a tournament, I’m golfing.  If not, then I’m with my friends.”

What kinds of classes would you have avoided, if possible?

Abby: “Old Testament, because it’s not a good transition class.”

Callie: “Avoid the harder Biology classes or History!”

Rylie: “I avoided taking different classes for my major.  For example, I didn’t take Econ this semester because I was taking Accounting.”

Social Life

Do you participate in any campus sports, clubs, or a sorority?

Abby: “Yes! I have a work-study in the religious life office, I’m an organizer/member of Celtic Cross (the Presbyterian group on campus), and I’m in PC choir and bella voce.  I’m also a member of Alpha Delta Pi and I hold the positions of social assistant, special events chair, and t-shirt/spirit chair.”

Callie: “I’m in ADPi and I help with recruitment.  I’m also a PC Stirling (campus tour guide).”

Rylie: “Yes, I’m on the PC Golf Team.”

If so, how much time do they take up?

Abby: “I would say about 20 hours a week.”

Callie: “Stirlings is about an hour a week and ADPi takes up around two hours a week, depending on the events we have coming up.”

Rylie: “I have 3 hours of practice per day, Monday through Friday, and we usually have two tournaments a month while we’re in-season.”

What is your favorite aspect of your college experience?

Abby: “Making memories with new friends!”

Callie: “The friends I’ve met, because they say your college friends will last a lifetime and now I know what they mean!”

Rylie: “The social aspect- meeting all new types of people and making new friends.  I also like the independence and not having people tell me what to do.”


Was the initial transition into school difficult? Why or why not?

Abby: “No, I feel like my high school really prepared me for the difficulty of the classes, and I’m good at making new friends.  Although, it’s even still hard to be away from my family.”

Callie: “It was a little difficult during the first couple of weeks until I met friends and joined ADPi.”

Rylie: “Yes, because classes are way harder.  I also had a hard time socially because all of my friends were able to rush and I wasn’t.”

What is the biggest challenge of being independent?

Abby: “I’ve been pretty independent my whole life, so I haven’t really hit a challenge yet.  But, I will say, I don’t like coming back from class and not hearing my mom say ‘How was school today?'”

Callie: “I hate being alone, so being independent has forced me to appreciate alone time when working on my homework.”

Rylie: “Not having someone to remind me of what I have to do, I’m the only person responsible for everything I have.”

Is the “Freshman 15” a real thing?

Abby: “Oh yeah, definitely. It wasn’t during first semester, because I ate on campus.  Now that I’m getting tired of campus food, I’m getting more things off-campus and it’s hitting me.” 

Callie: “Personally, no, but if we still had late-night in our dining hall, then yes.”

Rylie: “Yes!! It is a real thing.”


This is part of my “freshman year series.”  So, if you’d like to follow along with my college journey, keep tuning in!  To read my previous post in this series, click here!

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