Why I Love My Small School

During my freshman year of high school, I was determined to go to a large school.  My high school class consisted of 57 other students, so I was ready to meet lots of people and get out of my hometown.  However, my sophomore year, I went to a football game at a small college in what seemed like the middle of nowhere.I instantly fell in love with the campus, but it was small, and I was set on something bigger.  Fast forward to senior year and my number one choice was the tiny school I visited in 10th grade, Presbyterian College!

Most people are probably skeptical of attending a smaller college, but I love it for many reasons:

Distance. It is so nice to be able leave my dorm at 8:50 and make it on time to my 9:00 classes.  Since it’s not necessary to drive anywhere, I’ve saved so much money on gas.

Class Size. The largest class I’ve had here so far is 24 people.  I love being able to ask questions during class, and know who everyone is.

The Professors. Since the classes are so small, you really get to know your professors.  Also, they almost always have time to meet with you when you need help outside of class.

The Students. PC has introduced me to so many great people, who have become my best friends.  Every time I walk to class, not only will I see at least five people I know, but I’ll also see people I’ve never seen before.  Even though there are only about 1,200 students, I’m always meeting new people.

The Easy Transition. Like I said, I went to a tiny high school.  So, coming to a small college made the change much smoother than it could have been, because I wasn’t overwhelmed by the size of the school or the amount of people.

If you’re considering a small school, I highly recommend trying out the close-knit experience.  Choosing Presbyterian College was definitely one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, and I’m excited to spend the next three years here!  Go Blue Hose!


This is part of my “freshman year series.”  So, if you’d like to follow along with my college journey, keep tuning in!  To read my previous post in this series, click here!

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