Italy Recap: Part 3

Yay! It’s finally time for part three!  These last days of my trip were so fun, and I hope you enjoy reading about it as much as I loved writing about it!

Day 7: Milan

This morning we had breakfast at the hotel and it was great!  I had yet another Latte Macchiato (boy do I miss these) and it was delicious.


Next, we went to find a crossfit gym.  If any of you know my mom, you know she loves crossfit.  So, we travelled a few metro stations over and she took some pictures and bought some shirts!  She was so excited about it, which made us excited too!

Next, we headed to The Duomo for a guided walking tour.  Our first stop was the Milan Cathedral, which took over 600 years to build!

Then, we walked through the streets and eventually made it to a large coffee shop where we tried some new pastries.  They were good, but unlike anything I’ve ever had before.

Finally, after lots of walking, we were able to see The Last Supper.  After learning about this piece of art in school for so long, it was so neat to see it in person.


The process of getting in was one that was very official.  You waited in a small room with all doors shut.  When the previous group was escorted out, one set of doors opened and we were allowed in for exactly 10 minutes.  After our time was up, we were quickly sent out and had to wait in another room for the doors to close behind us.

After some rest at the hotel, we went to get dinner at Eataly.  It was similar to a Whole Foods, but three stories.  We ate pizza on the top story, and mine was so, so good!  I just love Italian pizza.


Next, we went to a trendy area with sculptures and water fountains, and got some gelato (Raspberry, my favorite)!


After we got very, very lost in Milan, we finally found our hotel and got some sleep!

Day 8: Milan

This day was one of my favorite days- if not my favorite!  We started out with breakfast at the hotel and then got on a bus to Lake Como.  We stayed at the first stop for about an hour.  We walked around for a little bit and tried some pastries.


Next, we got on a boat and rode for two hours to Bellagio, AKA my favorite place in the world.  I can’t describe how breath-taking and unique it is there.  When we got to Bellagio, we got a great lunch on a “patio” outside.  I ate cheese and spinach filled ravioli and had some pink wine!


After enjoying our lunch, we walked around the area and took pictures at the “point,” where we stayed until we had to take the ferry back.

Bellagio was so incredible.  I hope to visit again one day!

Once we got back to Milan, we went out to find Bar Luce, a place I found on Pinterest.  It was so adorable!  It reminded me of an old American diner, and was a great place to end our trip!

Day 9: Traveling Home

We woke up at 4:00am (yikes) to pack the rest of our things and go to the Milan airport.  Once we got checked in, we got some breakfast.  Eventually, we got on a terminal bus that took us to our plane, which boarded from outside.  After just over an hour, we landed in Brussels!  There was a terrorist attack on this airport in March of this year, so there was a lot of security.  In this picture I took, you can see where they’re having to re-build:


Before we left, I got a Belgian waffle, because what else would I eat in my short time in Belgium?  Next, we had our longest ride from Brussels to JFK, and then we flew home!  I was sad to be gone from Italy, but it felt so good to be home!

Some of the photos I used in this post are credited to my talented younger sister, Erin.  To see more of her photos, check out her Instagram!


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