It’s Finally Move-In Day!

Today, August 20th, was the first day of my Freshman Year.  Today was also one of the most physically and mentally draining days ever.  I knew this day was going to be tiring, but I underestimated that by a lot.  I woke up at 6:00am after going to bed at 1:30am the night before.  I packed up the last of my things and drove an hour and a half with my mom and my sister.

I checked in, got my key, and walked up the three flights of stairs to my dorm room!  It is so tiny, but that’s okay because it’ll be cozy!  After we got everything up, I began to unpack and arrange.  Luckily, my roommate hadn’t arrived yet so I had plenty of room to spread out my things as I decided where to put them.  To get an idea of what I brought, check out this post.

Once I got my side of the room the way I wanted it, we had to go buy things I forgot, or didn’t think to bring.  After many, many hours of moving and organizing, my room was all set!

Then, it was time for the worst part: saying goodbye.  I have dreaded this moment since my junior year of high school.  I don’t like change, and I don’t like goodbyes.  I got a lot of those today.  While I am sad to leave my home and my family, I’m excited for all of the new beginnings that will be happening over the next few weeks.

So now, as I sit at my new desk in my new room writing this, I feel for all of the other freshmen that are going through this big change too.  It will get easier, it will just take a while.

PS: This is the beginning of my “freshman year series.”  So, if you’d like to follow along with my college journey, keep tuning in!


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5 thoughts on “It’s Finally Move-In Day!

  1. emilyabernathy says:

    Congrats on starting college! This makes me think back to my move-in day freshman year. I remember it being very similar to yours – exhausting, exhilarating, and bittersweet. I hated saying goodbye to my family too, but you will see that first semester goes by really quickly, and you will see your family before you know it! Enjoy college! It’s the best!

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  2. Grady says:

    I remember this day well – saying goodbye was definitely the hardest part! Now I can look back on it as the beginning of an amazing, exciting, fun, wonderful time, but DANG if saying goodbye that first day wasn’t excruciating! Really psyched for you in this new adventure 🙂

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