Italy Recap: Part 1

This year, my mom gave me one of the best gifts ever: A trip to Italy!  I decided to do a series of posts about my time there.  I’ll split it into four parts.  The first three will be a recap of the nine days we were gone.  The fourth will be a post outlining what I packed/wish I packed and more tips for those planning a trip!

Day 1: Traveling to Italy

We began our day by leaving for the Atlanta airport around 10:00am.  From Atlanta, we flew to New York.  We had a layover of 1 hour and 45 minutes.  This sounded long to me, but we actually had to run through the airport just to pick up some food and make it to our gate on time.  Finally, around 9:30pm, we flew out of JFK to head to Venice!  We were actually served dinner on the plane around 10:30 (late, I know!).  Surprisingly, it was pretty good!  After I watched a movie (all movies on the Delta flights are now free), I tried to get some sleep since we would be landing around 11:30am, Venice time.  Unfortunately, I was only able to sleep for about two hours- it is so hard for me to sleep on planes!

Day 2: Venice

When I first opened my plane window after my little bit of sleep, I was greeted by the Alps!



This photo does not even does not even do them justice.  They were incredible, tall and covered in snow.  I could have looked at them for hours!

After a small, on-flight breakfast, we landed in Venice.  The airport was very hectic, but we eventually got our passports stamped, took out some Euros and left the airport.  (Helpful tip: if you’re ever traveling abroad, take out some Euros before you leave the airport.  Whenever you need more, take them out from a bank ATM, because the fees are much less!)


We took a water taxi from the airport to San Marcos.  This was a very unique start to our trip.

We quickly learned that Venice is very hard to navigate.  We spent about an hour asking where to go and walking in twenty different directions.  Eventually, we found the Hotel Montecarlo!  It was so quaint and perfectly Venetian.  Here are some quick photos I took when we first got to the room:

We went down the street and had pizza and calzones for lunch.  Next, we went to the hotel for a much needed nap.  After the three of us woke up, we ventured out to find some dinner.  We ate outside at a small restaurant.  I had fettuccini with pesto sauce, and it was so good!IMG_0005

And last, but definitely not least, I got some chocolate chip gelato after dinner!


After dinner, gelato and getting “lost in Venice,” we went back to the hotel for showers and sleep!  Even though we were all exhausted, our first day was incredible!

Day 3: Venice

This day started out with breakfast at the hotel which is much better than a regular hotel breakfast in the U.S.  We were offered ham, eggs, fruit, croissants, and so many other unnamed pastries.  I tried a Latte Macchiato for the first time and it instantly went to the top of my “favorite coffee list.”

After breakfast, we took a water taxi to the neighboring island of Murano, where we went on a tour of the glass blowing factory.  We were able to watch them actually craft the glass after it came out of the 1000° oven.  Unfortunately, we weren’t allowed to take photos of the finished products in the showroom, but they were all so beautiful!

Next, we took a water bus to the Island of Burano, aka one of my new favorite places in the world!  Burano is known for its colorful houses and unique laces.


It’s such a fun place!  You cannot not be happy here.  I took pictures of probably 20 windows and doors, but here are a few of my favorite:

The gelato here was fantastic.  I had one scoop of coffee and one scoop of dark chocolate. We all had spaghetti bolognese for lunch and it was so good, but the servings were huge!  I didn’t want to leave Burano, but our day there had to come to an end.


Next (the never ending day, I know), we went to Torcello.  This island is what you think of when you hear “Italy.”  It was quiet, old, and had absolutely no tourist traps.

Lastly, we went back to San Marcos for our gondola ride and pizza for dinner!



Some of the photos I used in this post are credited to my talented younger sister, Erin.  To see more of her photos, check out her Instagram!


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