Italy Recap: Part 1

This year, my mom gave me one of the best gifts ever: A trip to Italy!  I decided to do a series of posts about my time there.  I’ll split it into four parts.  The first three will be a recap of the nine days we were gone.  The fourth will be a post outlining what I packed/wish I packed and more tips for those planning a trip! Continue reading

6 Tips for College Applications

As this summer comes to an end, I would like to help out the rising seniors.  These are six tips that I wish someone had told me last fall, and I hope they will help you!

This process of applications is a long and stressful one.  It will basically consume the fall semester of your senior year.  However, once you’re done, you’ll feel great!  So, look for the light at the end of the tunnel; hopefully this list will help you see it more easily! Continue reading