How to Fail Your Finals: Procrastinate

Are you looking for the secret to failing your exams?  If so, you came to the right place!  I’m actually an expert on procrastinating.  I’m doing it right now as I’m creating this post in the library instead of writing my english paper (Sorry, Dr. Taylor).  It’s such an easy way to weigh you down and stress you out even more! Continue reading


Q&A: How to Survive Freshman Year

Freshman year of college is probably one of the most confusing, yet exciting years of your life.  You learn so many things so quickly, but not just in the classroom.  You figure out that being independent and managing your time and money is harder than you think.  You’ll decide what types of people you want to spend time with, and they will become your best friends.  You will also realize just how great a home-cooked meal is.

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